Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hats off!!!

This is a self reflection post and it is keeping in line with the title of this blog. There are no links to other posts or articles because this is all me, for whatever that is worth.

I am still thinking about this today, a full day after the experience. Part of our job as educators, or should say most of it, is the ability to put on many different hats during the course of the day. Let's face it, most of the time the hats are changed during the same conversation with a student. As an administrator, the hats I put on and the ability to change the hat at the right moment in time is crucial when talking about reaching a troubled 13 year old.

This particular instance still has me thinking about whether or not I changed the hats successfully. The student has been in a downward spiral for quite sometime now, to the point of threatening some unhealthy scenarios on more than one occasion. (Forgive me being cryptic, but the web is permanent) I have dealt with many of these situations before and I am not sure why this one is sticking with me, but it has me wondering what makes us qualified to change my hat so many times? I do it now without even thinking about it, change my hat I mean, and I it often happens in the heat of the moment with student. To go from teacher, to administrator, to parent, to psychologist, to doctor, to friend is exhausting and dangerous sometimes.

It is a necessity in my profession and I just hope that I continue to make the right judgements and put the right right hats on at the right time with the right student.

Image Credit: MShades' photostream